Work is Underway at Cannock!

After many months of waiting, we’re incredibly happy to announce that work is now underway on fitting out our new Cannock superstore!

Cannock is situated in the West Midlands (right next to the M6 and A38), which is one of the many reasons we selected it as the perfect place to expand our presence and reach out to some of the customers who weren’t easily able to get to us in Stoke on Trent.

We’ve always prided ourselves on delivering expert service, extensive in-store displays and the biggest selection of grow gear in the UK at the best possible prices. Our new location is going to take these values and push things to new levels!

The space we have available to play with is unmatchable: the new unit will feature an extensive array of products and some exciting new additions! Effectively, our Cannock superstore will take everything that our customers love about our Stoke location and make it even bigger and better! Watch this space closely for more info on some of the projects that are underway.

So, what stage are we at? Well, right now work is underway on cleaning the building to make sure it’s ready for us to make a start on some of the more exciting changes which will be taking place over the next few weeks. We’re also adding a secure fence around the perimeter of the site and we’ll soon have the shutters painted, so everything is staring to take shape.

UPDATE 2 // 13.08.18 

Now the initial cleaning work from Cannock is finished, we’re starting to see a lot of exciting things happening!Builders have begun work on the inside of the building, and a lot of exciting things are going on structurally. Our second floor has gone in to give us some additional room for product displays and system setups, and this allows us to maximise the space we have downstairs too. The stairs are also going in as we speak, and that’ll all be boarded in the next few days.Everything is on schedule and going to plan so far which is brilliant. We don’t have an official opening day yet for Cannock, but there will be a lot of exciting things going on when it does (which we’ll be revealing closer to the date!). Until then, keep an eye out on our social media for everything One Stop!

UPDATE 3 // 20.08.18 

More work is going on at Cannock!

The builders are in and are still working hard to get the superstore up and running!

More structural work is taking place to get the shell of the building complete for the cosmetic changes that will be taking place. Walls are being knocked down & built,  rooms are being gutted, and the flooring is now complete on the second floor!

We’ve been speaking about the aesthetics of the shop and we can’t wait to show you what it’s going to look like inside once all the stock and branding is up! We’ve some exciting things in the pipeline!

Stay tuned on this thread for all the Cannock Updates!

UPDATE 4 // 28.08.18 

So, what’s been happening at Cannock?…

Well, the stairs have gone up giving us access to the second floor from the soon to be shop space, and the second floor has been fully fitted with railings and flooring! We’re excited to give you all the biggest area possible to browse at our upcoming Superstore, so Cannock’s One Stop will be a whopping 5400 sq feet of retail space! This will give us the room for even bigger system displays and the ability to show you the best range of products.

There’s also been lots of work going on behind the scenes at what will be our Cannock warehouse. The main corridors are going in and some foundation work for storage/staff space has also gone in!

We’re at the stage now that every time we give you one of these updates, so much has changed since the previous one! It’s a really exciting time for One Stop…

UPDATE 5 // 12.09.18 

After a few weeks have passed since our last update, we thought we’d bring you something a little different! A lot of the work that’s going into Cannock is now based around the design of the interior of the building and finalising displays / fittings.

Here’s a very early concept for our Cannock Superstore so you can start to visualise how it will look when it’s all come together! (Although early plans do make it look like the Tate Modern)

A lot of thought has gone into making our Cannock Superstore the biggest and best grow shop in the UK, and a lot of that is to make sure that when you do visit, you’re getting the full One Stop experience. We’ve been thinking about the brands, products and systems that you want to see, and we’re dedicating over 5400 sq feet to product displays and system setups. One Stop Cannock will also have its own custom grow room for you to explore!

We can’t wait for more changes to take place so that we can finally get you through its doors to see the Superstore for yourselves. Stay tuned for more updates!

UPDATE 6 // 03.10.18 

So, what’s been happening at Cannock? We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes at Cannock to get the back / staff areas complete, so that the more drastic changes to the shop space can be focused on.

We’ve been working a lot on the buildings structure, so lots of wiring has also gone in to make way for the plaster board (which will be taking place sometime next week).

We’ve also been sending off plans for displays / signs etc, and we’ve been working with some key supplies to make sure we’ve the best products on display at our Cannock Superstore. We can’t wait to show you who we’ve teamed up with, any guesses…?

You also may notice the framework for a special room that’s legendary in the One Stop community has popped up… yes, Cannock will have its own VIP room to match our Mothership Stoke Superstore! Exciting stuff, right?

Our next Cannock blog will most likely be a big one, so keep your eyes out for that on our social media pages!

UPDATE 7 // 19.10.18 

We’re back again for another Cannock blog! Exciting changes have taken place physically in the Superstore, alongside development of the store behind the scenes.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new staircase has been put in which will give you access to second floor displays. We’re maximising the floor space at Cannock, utilising the entire useable area for displays, products and systems.

You’ll also notice the grow room space we’ve got downstairs is nearly complete, ready for us to add the finishing touches to the structure, we can’t wait to finish this off and show you how it’ll look when we open!

We’ve also been working very closely with some of our key brands to provide some amazing looking displays which we’ll be revealing at a later date! For those who’re regulars in our Stoke Superstore, you may also notice the VIP room is also progressing nicely, and we can wait to show you it when it’s completed!

UPDATE 8 // 26.10.18 

With another update comes some big changes! Since last week, so much has gone on at our Cannock Superstore, and you’ll instantly see the changes. A lot of boarding and finishing has gone on regarding the walls and VIP room, and the grow room is also shaping up very nicely!

The scale of the Superstore is amazing, and we can’t wait to show you how grand it feels once it’s open. There’s a lot space for displays, grow tents, lights, systems and much more… we can’t wait to fill it full of the products you love.

There’s also a lot of changes that have gone on with the top floor, making sure that’s also boarded meaning all three levels are now accessible in the building, maximising footprint space. Checkout the latest update video so you can get a feel for the building and see how things are coming on!

UPDATE 9 // 06.11.18 

It’s less than two weeks since our last Cannock update, but so much has gone on for us to talk about. It’s really exciting to see One Stop Cannock getting closer and closer to having the finishing touches added to it; a lot of work and planning has gone into turning the empty shell into a fully fitted superstore!

Since the last time we checked on the VIP room, it’s been fully boarded along with the floors upstairs. Alongside this, the lighting racking and wiring has gone in above the upper levels, which makes the space look even bigger!

The behind the scenes staff areas have also been plastered and the lighting has been fitted, so apart from a lick of paint and a few finishing touches like the flooring etc, that’s mostly all finished building wise.

Now a lot of the building work has been completed, the place looks huge… When walking into the Superstore, it feels massive, and once it’s full of products and is kitted out with displays etc, it’ll look amazing! By having essentially three floors of products, it gives us the ability to dedicate displays to a certain type of product, for example, lighting. That’ll make it easier for you to find what you’re after, and also it’ll give an amazing comparison of all of the products and they’ll be displayed together.

We’re pretty sure that when we go again, we’ll be saying how much has happened, it’s shooting up now!

But until then, happy growing

UPDATE 10 // 13.11.18 

Another week has passed since our last Cannock blog! So what’s gone on? Since the last time we were in, some key areas of the shop have been touched up and we’re starting to see it all coming together!

The first signs of paint have entered the building, starting with the stairs and walls around the grow room! There’s been external fittings such as new doors added onto the building as well, which gives it a nice touch.

The ceiling has also started to be tiled to hold the wiring throughout the ground floor. It’s really nice to see how much has been happening of the last couple of weeks, the scale of this build is massive and unlike any other grow shop we can think of… Once it’s all complete, it’ll be amazing to see everything finished and get people through the door!

Until the next update, happy growing!