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We’re super excited to announce a new offer that’s available our customers while stocks last!

Now, for a limited time only, whenever you spend over £25 you’ll receive a FREE 10g pack of Ecothrive’s Biosys! They’ll be given away instore and online, and if you’re ordering through our website, your free sample will automatically be added to your basket, so there’s nothing else you need to do to receive your pack!

For those out there that aren’t aware of this exciting new product, keep reading:

What is Biosys?

Biosys is a unique instant tea developed by Ecothrive, that contains a blend of microbes and natural plant growth stimulants. These microbes work to increase nutrient uptake, prevent diseases, speed up the breakdown of organic matter and improve the overall  health of your root zone – ultimately, making your plants stronger and more resistance to stress. Biosys can be used with any growing medium, and is incredibly easy to mix and use.

The organisms in Biosys include:

  • 8 Species of Endo mycorrhizal fungi
  • 8 Species of Bacillus
  • 2 Species of Nitrogen fixing bacteria
  • 2 Species of Pseudomonas
  • 2 Species of Trichoderma

Some of the other benefits of using Biosys:

  • Enriches the rhizosphere with a natural balance of micro-organisms to improve plant growth and allow healthy uptake of water and nutrients
  • Contains biological catalysts to allow activation and continued growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi within the root zone
  • Can be used with any type of growing media or system
  • Delivers the benefits of organic teas – IN AN INSTANT!
  • Gives you a faster turnaround of stronger, more robust cuttings
  • Combats disease, and helps your plants recover from periods of stress quickly
  • Produces massively accelerated root growth throughout the entire cycle, and promotes both vegetative and generative plant development

For all the other sizes of Biosys that we sell, check out our website.

Enjoy your Biosys, and happy growing! 🙂