The End Is Nigh. (Or How to Get the Perfect Finish to Your Grow!)

The One Stop Top Tip For The Perfect Finish To Your Grow! –

Okay, so admittedly, “The End Is Nigh!” is a bit of a dramatic title for a blog post – but really, what is the best thing to do to improve the quality of your crops when your plants are getting to the point of maturing, and are just a couple of weeks away from being harvested?

We would like to share something with you that we truly believe is the finest finishing combo on the market:

Plantlife Products Fulvic Acid + SuperB Kelp


Plantlife Fulvic Acid is no longer available. Get Vitalink Fulvic instead Here

Plantlife SuperB Kelp is no longer available. Get Nitrozyme instead Here

Plantlife Products make a full range of plant nutrients and additives, each of which is painstakingly made to be the finest in its category. However, today, we will be talking about just their Fulvic Acid & SuperB Kelp natural additives. Together, they make the absolute perfect “combo” for finishing up your plants with. Let us explain why test after test has shown this pair of products, when used together for the last week or two of the grow, really puts the cherry on the top for end-product quality!

It can take several weeks (if not months) of careful tending and loving care to grow a big crop of high quality flowers or fruits. We all sorts of combinations of nutrients, stimulators and boosters to increase the quantity and quality of the final end-product.

There is always the temptation to feed our plants more and more during the flower/fruit generation phase to encourage the plant to produce more and more. Now that can be ok if we get the nutrient level right, but if we are not careful we can feed it too much, and that extra nutrient doesn’t get used for growth.  That extra N, P and K just ends up being left in it’s raw state, or as salt residues in the tissues of the plant, making the product difficult to dry and – even worse – making it taste yukky!

So the question is: What can we do as we approach the end to turn our hard-earned crop into the most flavourful and delicious offering that everyone clamours for?

The most common advice is to give the grow-medium a good flush and give the plant just plain water for a week or two before cropping. Even better is to use a flushing agent to ensure that all the nutrient is removed from the soil/coco/clay substrate, so that the plant cannot keep absorbing nutrients that it won’t use up.

However, this approach has two problems.

Firstly, it doesn’t do an awful lot to encourage the plant to rid itself of unused nutrients within itself.

Secondly, although plants don’t need much in the way of N, P or K in the last week or two, they still need some secondary and micro nutrients to keep the immune system strong and healthy. The last two weeks is when the plant is at its most vulnerable to fungal infections, particularly if there are lots of dense clusters of flowers or fruits standing around in air with high humidity.

Some nutrients, like nitrogen, can be moved around within the plant to wherever they are needed. For example, if a flower requires nitrogen but there is none to be found in the rootzone, then the plant can simply move some nitrogen from its leaves and transport it to where it is needed. (To a plant, reproduction is its top priority. It’s fruits and flowers are the means by which is propagates its species and are therefore far more important to it than its leaves).

Many of the secondary and micro nutrients are what we call immobile. This means that once they have been transported to and deposited within a leaf or a flower then the plant cannot move them afterwards to anywhere else, even if another more important part of the plant becomes desperately deficient.

The Perfect Answer to both these Problems!

1) Plantlife Products Fulvic Acid:

The benefits of Fulvic acid to a plant have been known for a long time. It assists the plant with the uptake of nutrients and helps transport them around within the plant. It works by chelating the nutrients. The word “chelate” comes from the Greek word for “claw”. The Fulvic acid molecules hold the nutrients in a claw, roughly like you would hold a ball in your hand.  Fulvic acid is readily absorbed by plants and the plant can easily transport fulvic acid around itself, and if nutrients are being held by the fulvic acid molecules then those nutrients get transported around the plant with them.

Fulvic acid is actually a Humic acid. Humic acids come in a vast range of molecular weights. Fulvic acids are a group of the Humic acids which have very low molecular weights. The lower the molecular weight, the better the fulvic acid is at chelating nutrients. This can be spotted by the colour. The lower the molecular weight, the lighter the colour of the Fulvic acid.

One thing that is not very well known is that Fulvic acid does not only assist with the uptake of nutrients and transportation around the plant, it can also transport excess nutrients down and back out of the plant via it’s roots, making all the difference to the quality of your harvest!

Plantlife Fulvic acid is one the lightest coloured, and therefore most effective, Fulvic acid that is available anywhere. It isn’t just a great product to use in the generative stage, it also makes it one of the two perfect additives to the pure water that you give to your plants in the last couple of weeks.

Plantlife Products SuperB Kelp

When plants reach those last two weeks where they are maturing their fruits or flowers, this is time when they are at their most vulnerable to diseases, particularly from fungi & rot. Although the plants are not actively feeding much on NPK any more, plants still need calcium, zinc, and other micronutrients to keep their immune systems in top health.

Kelp contains a wealth of calcium, micronutrients (including zinc) along with an array of vitamins. Among the most important of these vitamins are the B vitamins which kelp contains in abundance. B vitamins assist in optimising the energy systems of plants. Plants benefit from kelp all the way through their life, and in the maturation phase they use B vitamins to help power the final swell and maturation.

Plantlife went to very long lengths to source only the highest quality kelp to put into their SuperB Kelp. Use it with Plantlife Fulvic acid to provide your plants with only the highest quality natural additives that they need during their final big push.

In fact, the only thing better than using Plantlife Products Fulvic acid and SuperB Kelp in the last 2 weeks of your grow is to use them both all the way through your grow!

Plantlife Fulvic Acid is no longer available. Get Vitalink Fulvic instead Here

Plantlife SuperB Kelp is no longer available. Get Nitrozyme instead Here