Love NFT Systems? Check Out This Sneak Peek…

Are you always on the hunt for a better NFT system, want to make your growing easier, or want something to take your growing to the next level?

Then keep reading because we’re about to give you a little sneak peek of a brand new NFT System that is coming soon, and has gotten us all pretty excited!

At One Stop Grow Shop we’re always striving to bring you the freshest hydroponic products available, including those that haven’t yet been released, and this is no exception.

We’re very happy to share with you the new NFT System from Medusa Hydroponics.


How Is This NFT System Different?

It’s unique, adaptable, and will change the way you use an NFT system.

This innovative new design from Medusa has a top-tray with a 1:35 ratio slope that reduces pooling. It also has a sloping reservoir base which drains the nutrient solution back down to a trough at the access end where the pump sits.

This sloping reservoir and the trough make it really easy to virtually completely empty the tank. This makes the weekly nutrient solution change-out easier and a lot more thorough.  With normal NFT systems there is a pool of old solution left in the bottom of the reservoir which is far from ideal. This system effectively eliminates the usual problems that come with using an NFT!


It comes with a high quality light cover, a nutrient flow control tap, and a nutrient aeration connector. The lightweight, durable material also makes it ideal for an even distribution of nutrients, and makes it even easier to dismantle or re-assemble. This system is so simple yet effective, that is can be used by both hobbyists and advanced NFT growers with ease.



Here are the specifications, as they stand at the moment:

  • Length – 90cm
  • Width – 38cm
  • Height – 25cm
  • Volume – 25 Litres
  • No. of Plants – 1 to 3
  • Pump – 400l/ph Maxijet Micro
















































What Does This NFT System Contain?

This system comes with:

  • A reservoir
  • A support tray
  • A stand
  • A light cover
  • A delivery pipe
  • A pump
  • A 3m spreader mat
  • Assembly instructions

Although comprehensive, this system is in the prototype phase, so it still has the possibility to be changed in the near future. But from what we’ve seen so far, it’s looking incredibly promising!

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Until next time, happy growing guys!