Why a BudBox GT1 Grow Tent Is Your New Best Friend

When it comes to the freshest hydroponic products on the market, here at One Stop Grow Shop we have you covered. And this latest piece of kit is no exception…  Introducing the new BudBox GT1 Grow Tent!











This beautiful bit of kit is specifically designed to harness the powerful capabilities of a Gavita 1000W grow light, to provide you with a  healthier and strengthened grow.  They’re also available with either a silver or white reflective lining. Not just are they great to look at but they’re also incredibly affordable.

Some of the benefits of growing with a GT1 grow tent are:
  • Optimised to produce bigger yields with a 1000w Gavita Fixture, which is already known as one of the best producing lighting systems in the industry
  • Designed to increase light intensity, maximise penetration levels and improve light spread
  • Taller than typical grow tents, so it improves environmental conditions by utilising extra headspace
  •  Perfect for using with vertically mounted ballasts
  • Built to the same prestige standard as other tents in the BudBox Pro range
  •  Includes thick 25mm poles, click-secured metal corner pieces, and plenty of inlet points for your equipment and cables
  • Thick outer lining with military grade zips
  • Green viewing windows for checking plants without having to unzip the door or disturb lighting cycles

We currently  have one of these beastly tents set up in our show room, with a snazzy Gavita flatscreen and lights inside of it, so do pop round to check it out for yourself or have a chat with our shop staff about how your grow can benefit from using a GT1!









































Pop on our website to grab one for yourself today, or to read more information about these amazing tents: BUDBOX GT1 TENTS

Happy growing, guys! 🙂