Need to Set up a RUSH DWC System? We Can Help!

Why hello there, our fellow hydroponic enthusiasts!

We’re busy working away here at One Stop Grow Shop, with some really cool things in the pipeline (currently all top secret an’ stuff, ya know), so expect to see more blog posts and Youtube videos within the next few weeks!

We’ve also recently had a massive shipment in of spectacular Hyper Fans, which have been flying off the shelves since they arrived! So grab some while you still can, and to those of you who aren’t familiar with these pioneering digital fans, stay tuned for a blog post about them – coming soon to a computer screen near you!


In case any of you missed it on our Facebook page, we recently filmed an instructional video to help all you growers out there with setting up A RUSH DWC System. So if you’re curious, or want to double check what you already know then watch below and let our experts show you how it’s done!

Happy growing, and keep your eyes peeled for our next blog post! 🙂