We’re Re-Branding!


Hi growers! I’m Em, the newly appointed Graphic Designer at your favourite growing shop, One Stop Grow Shop! I am fully qualified and have been brought into the company because we are looking at changing the brand design over all platforms of our company, from the website to point of sale in the store to business cards for our staff. We are doing this because we feel that after 12 years of business we want to stay up to date with the fast moving world of hydroponics. We want to clarify our brand with a single strong, recognisable logo which will most likely be very different from what we have currently and will be designed with all other platforms in mind so this new brand will work wherever you encounter it. This re-brand won’t happen overnight, it will take time but all good things take time!
As a new member of staff and a newbie to hydroponics I thought this would be a good way of keeping you guys in the loop about what is going on regarding the company’s visual change. Also it is a great opportunity for you guys to have your say! I will be posting regularly about the different points that I have noticed need work on, and/or changing throughout the coming months along with ideas for design change that are being discussed.
Happy Growing!