WARNING – Brand New Virus Out Today (Zero-Day)

Heads-Up Everyone!

We want to send out a warning to everyone about a particularly nasty Attack / Computer  Virus that we encountered today that is thought to have just come straight out of Russia.

It is being spread as an email attachment. When the attachment is opened, the virus automatically downloads code onto the device being used.

Once the code has been downloaded onto the device (computer, tablet etc.), it allows the attacker to potentially gain access to your device and the files stored on it. It can also record key-strokes (so it knows what passwords etc. that you type in thereafter).

However, the really cunning part is in the way that the virus spreads itself via email. The virus-carrying email basically “Spoofs” (i.e. looks like it has been sent by) a real, genuine website email address.

This means that you could receive an email that looks as though it has been sent from a legitimate source (i.e. you might recognise the “sender” as being safe) but will contain an attachment (masquerading as an invoice or something like that) which, if opened, could potentially cause havoc on your machine.

A lot of companies and groups have been targeted for this attack, so you could receive an email that looks like it has been sent by one of any number of legitimate sources.

Be very wary of emails with unusual content or attachments that seem not to be appropriate from that sender. If you are unsure as to the validity of an email, then you can telephone the company and just ask the question: “Did you send me an email today?”.