Aerogarden – The Great Little Indoor Grow Unit

The Aerogarden Mini Indoor Hydroponics System

The brilliant little Aerogarden indoor grow unit

Do you fancy having a dabble to find out what hydroponics is all about? Or, do you want to grow some of your own edible produce like salad greens or herbs all year round, but you don’t want to give up a large portion of your living space? Then the super little Aerogarden might just be for you!

Window-sill growing taken to the next level


Just to be clear, the Aerogarden doesn’t have to be situated on a window-sill! It can go almost anywhere. However, the idea of having some pots in the kitchen window to grow a few fresh herbs is definitely not a new one. The snag is that you probably won’t grow much during the darker months, and your choice of window might not get enough light to grow an awful lot even in the summer!

The daylight fluorescent bulbs in the Aerogarden reflector hood

Thanks to it’s built-in grow lights, the Aerogarden will let you grow any time of the year,  The canopy reflector hood takes two special  26 watt daylight compact fluorescent lamps that provide all the light that’s needed to grow happy, healthy plants. Let’s just say, the Aerogarden will grow plants (at any time of year) in a way that will put any “pot-on-a window-sill” to shame.

Like to have your herbs freshly picked?

Happy plants growing under the full spectrum daylight bulbs in an Aerogarden

The Aerogarden has lot of practical uses in the home. There’s nothing quite like trying freshly picked herbs and comparing them to the dried version that have sat there half-used for months! The additional aromas and tastes that you get could really put inspiration into your cooking and cuisine.

The same thing goes for salad greens, tomatoes, and chillies. They can all be grown with ease in the Aerogarden.

A brilliant educational learning tool

The Aerogarden has educational uses too! The way that the unit works makes it great as a teaching device too! The plants are held in the unit by a very small plug made of a spongy substance made of organic fibres, and the roots grow down into reservoir tank below. You can see the roots growing in the chamber.  It’s a great way to show that plants can be grown without soil.

Plant roots growing into the air-space above the nutrient solution in an Aerogarden reservoir chamber

Here’s another thing: you can actually watch the roots being watered. The automated pump system delivers timed feedings nutrients and water to the base of the plants, thereby eliminating hand-watering. Aerogarden describe the system as “aeroponic” (because the roots grow partly in air), but aeroponics is generally regarded as using the technique of delivering the nutrients and water by a mist or fog. Because of this, we think the way it works would be better described as “hydroponic” because the water and nutrients are delivered as a liquid. However, any that way you look at it, it is still growing plants with just nutrient solution, and that’s what makes this little unit not just fun but also informative and educational.

Everything has been really well thought out

The Aerogarden has been incredibly well designed. It isn’t a duff piece of kit that you won’t end up using because it has issues. The unit can be placed on top of a fridge, or…. just about anywhere! It is sturdily made and has a wide base for stability.

Easy to use cAerogarden control panel automates and warns about everything

The control panel is a cinch to use. Once your seedlings have been put in the unit with their humidity caps on and filled up the reservoir with water and the nutrient sachet, all you have to do is press the on/off button and select what you are growing on the front. The Aerogarden takes care of the rest, from switching the lights on and off at the right times, to warning you when the nutrient solution is running low.

The unit also automatically delivers waterings. via a pump, up to the base of the plants. The solution then runs down the roots, wetting them thoroughly. When the seedlings have germinated and are approaching the top of the humidity domes then take them off. Always remember to replace the nutrient solution once a week, and raise the height of the light (with the adjustable arm) when the plants start to get close. And that’s about it!

Fancy giving one a go? Give us a call and we’ll help answer any questions you might have.