satoBit Bitcoin Vouchers Now Available In-Store

The Easiest Way to Join the Bitcoin Revolution!

Using satoBit vouchers is a quick and easy way to obtain bitcoin. It’s hassle-free and you can pay in-store without having to provide ID (as is often the case when buying via online exchanges).

Just follow this simple process:

1) Visit to check their bitcoin redemption rates

2) Pop in to our retail outlet and purchase a £10 or £25 satoBit voucher.

3) Visit to redeem your voucher for bitcoin using your unique voucher code. The amount of bitcoin you receive is based on the value at the time of redemption, not at the moment of purchase. You can even hang on to your voucher and redeem it at a time that gives you even better value for money, if you so choose!

Voucher redemption requires only three steps:

* enter a mobile number as verification

* enter your voucher code

* enter the details for where you’d like your bitcoin sending

You can opt to have your bitcoin sent via email, text message or directly to your bitcoin address. If you’re a bitcoin beginner and you have a smartphone handy, then we recommend choosing SMS, which is the simplest option. See the explanations below.

Bitcoin address – If you’re an experienced user and you already have a bitcoin wallet, just enter your bitcoin address to receive the funds.

SMS – When redeeming your voucher via SMS, a online wallet will be generated automatically with your funds in it. You’ll receive a log-in link by text message. Enter your voucher code as your password and you’ll have access to your funds. That’s it!

Email – If you choose to have your bitcoin sent via email, it will arrive in your inbox in the form of a PDF document known as a ‘paper wallet’. This paper wallet contains all of the information required to access and spend your bitcoin. See the guide below ‘What Do I Do With a Paper Wallet?’ for more info.


Creating an Online Bitcoin Wallet from Scratch in Five Minutes or Less!

1) To get started, you don’t even need to install any software, you can use an online wallet to store your bitcoins, which is as easy as setting up an email or social networking account. First, visit

2) Click on ‘Wallet’ at the top of the screen, then click on ‘Start a New Wallet’

3) Enter an email address and password

4) Write down your mnemonic and click continue. (this will allow you to recover your funds if you lose your details)

5) Check your emails and locate your ‘Welcome to my Wallet’ message. Click on the verification link to verify your email address. Then use the login link to get to your wallet.

6) When you get to the log-in page, you’ll notice that the identifier section is auto-filled. That’s because you used the link from your email. Bookmark this page for easy access to your wallet log-in, then type in your password.

That’s it – you’re done! You now have a bitcoin wallet. See below for info on what to do with it.

Using Your Wallet:

Using bitcoin for everyday payments is actually incredibly simple. Notice your bitcoin address in the bottom left corner of the main wallet screen? You can give this to anybody who wishes to send you money. Nobody can steal your funds with this information – you can even post it online if you so wish, and anyone who has it can use it to send you money from anywhere in the world.

If you want to send money to somebody else, just click ‘send money’. Enter the bitcoin address of the person that you wish to send it to, then enter the amount and click ‘send payment’.

If you want to display your bitcoin value in pounds instead of dollars, click on ‘wallet home’ to take you to your main wallet screen, then click on account settings (to the right-hand side of the screen).

Inside the account settings screen, select the display tab. This will then give you the option to select your local currency.

Note that, for security reasons, tends to log you out after relatively short periods of inactivity. Further to this, we recommend setting up two-factor authentication to protect your funds. With that set up, you’ll receive a text message with a unique code every time you login, helping to protect your account from hackers.


What Do I Do With a Paper Wallet?

If you’re using the satoBit service and you’ve opted to receive your funds by email, you’ll receive them in the form of a paper wallet, which looks like the following image. It contains all of the information required to access your bitcoin. If you want to be able to spend them, you’re going to need to add them to a wallet that will allow you to spend them, like the online wallet.

This guide will explain how to move the funds from a ‘paper wallet’ to your online wallet at By doing this you’ll be able to spend your bitcoins and access a host of features.

1) First, log in to your online wallet (you may need to use the login link sent with your confirmation email)

2) Click on Import/ Export (shown below).

3) You’ll be presented with a warning. Click ‘I understand’, then re-enter your password if requested to do so.

4) Locate your ‘paper wallet’, copy your private key information into the following box and click on ‘add private key’

5) You’ll be presented with a message showing you the balance of the funds linked to your paper wallet. Click on ‘sweep key’ and these funds be transefered to your online wallet.

6) Your funds will then show up on your wallet balance and you can spend them as you see fit!

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Terms and Conditions

One Stop Grow Shop do not sell, receive or store bitcoin. We are instead resellers of vouchers that are redeemable for bitcoin after purchasing.

Redemption rates will fluctuate. Please check for current prices.

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Vouchers can only be redeemed once

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