The Pro Growroom PG90C 3-Chamber Grow Tent

The Pro Growroom PG90C 3-Chamber Grow Tent

One of the common problems with setting up an indoor grow system is how to keep plants going which are at various different growth stages. In order to make sure that your flowering / fruiting area is always populated, a grower will need additional grow spaces for seedlings or cuttings, plus another area for vegging up the plants before they finally go into the main flowering / fruiting area. As well as this, some growers will also need somewhere to put a mother plant or 2!

There are many growers out there who don’t want to dedicate a large portion of their home to an indoor grow. They want something small, compact that they can put in the corner of a room. They want a set-up that doesn’t require having lots of different tents to accommodate plants in various stages of their life-cycle.

Fortunately for this type of person, the Pro Growroom PG90C Grow Tent has now arrived:

Pro-Growroom 3-in-1 Grow Tent 3


This ingenious product incorporates the versatility of a multi-tent set-up all rolled up into a convenient single product. It combines a small but functional 60cm x 60cm main grow chamber with a 30cm wide side-chamber that can be split into two halves with a mesh shelf to create a space for plants in two more different stages.

This tent could be used in one of two different ways.

First of all, one of the small areas could contain seedlings or cuttings, while the other could contain vegging plants, at the same time the large chamber could be used as a small flowering / fruiting area.

In the second way, it would be used in conjunction with a larger, separate flowering / fruiting tent. In this configuration, one of the small areas could contain cuttings, the other small area used for a mother plant while the large area would be used for vegging plants to get them ready to go into the larger flowering / fruiting grow tent.

Let’s take a closer look at the tent itself and give a quick review:

Pro-Growroom 3-in-1 Grow Tent 2


As you can see, there’s all the usual ventilation panels, cable socks and duct socks that you could need in each side of the tent, plus the usual reflective trays for catching spills etc. The two sides are separated by a light-proof divider.

The frame includes click-fit connectors to secure the parts together, plus all the corner pieces are made of robust metal:

Metal Click-fit corner piece


The zips and seams of grow tents are often the weak parts that let them down. Fortunately, no corners have been cut here. Good quality double stitching and strong zips are all part and parcel of this package:

Strong zips



And to round the package off very nicely, the Pro Growroom comes with a very nice carry case:

Carry bag


So if you are in the market for an all-in-one grow tent, this one could be the most economical, space-saving addition to your grow equipment. For more information, why not give us a call on 01782 749955.