2 New Tent Ranges Now In Stock!


For many indoor growers, the best way of quickly creating a great grow environment is with a grow tent. A grow tent can be quickly and easily erected within minutes and can be dismantled in about the same amount of time. Nothing permanent needs to be built which means that a vacant room can be set up for a great one-off grow which can be easily taken down afterwards to free up the space for other uses after the grow is finished! Grow tents can be folded up flat for storage after use, until it’s time for the next grow.

We love to try out new equipment that has just hit the market. We spend a lot of time asking for samples from manufacturers and when the samples arrive they get put through their paces. We pride ourselves on only stocking equipment that we would be happy to buy and use ourselves. We check build quality, features, performance and a myriad of other points before we will finally decide to stock a product. Yes, we’re fussy! Only the best products at their price-points finally make it through our testing process and onto our shelves and our website. But this means that our customers can be confident that when they purchase an item from us, they will be getting the best product at the price that is right for them.

At the shop, we have just taken delivery of 2 new ranges of grow tent made by a company called “Mammoth”. The brand name may not be very familiar yet, but the tents themselves have a hidden pedigree because the factory where they are made have been manufacturing top quality grow-tents for a very long time.



The factory has now released two ranges of their grow tents under the new “Mammoth” brand name, and have called them version II to indicate that they have given them a  re-vamp before re-releasing them under the Mammoth name. The Mammoth DR II range contains feature packed, premium quality tents while the Mammoth DS II range are still great quality but at a slightly lower price and slightly reduced feature count.

Both the Mammoth DR II and DS II ranges are far superior to the types of cheap grow tent typically found on places like ebay. We have tried and tested several typical unbranded grow tents and we have been shocked at the terrible stitching and canvas quality. We would be surprised if they survived being put up and taken down more than a couple of times. In fact, we judged that the level of light leakage that we found on most of them made them virtually unusable as an effective grow tent!

The Mammoth tents are a completely different animal. They are quality, robust grow tents, available in a range of sizes from the very small (0.6m x 0.6m) suitable for a 250 Watt HPS, right the way up to the downright enormous (3m x 3m)! And rumour has it that a 3m x 6m DR II, which is big enough for even the most serious grower, will be in the shop soon!


We are proud to offer these superb Mammoth grow tents to our customers. Check them out at our shop or on our website. We think you’ll be impressed as well!

Mammoth DR II Grow Tents

Mammoth DS II Grow Tents